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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Kenzie Taylor [@thekenzietaylor] Reflects On Discussing Captain Marvel XXX With University of California Santa Barbara Students #MMBKenzie


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Adult entertainment superstar Kenzie Taylor ( muses on her recent live video discussion with University of California Santa Barbara students. The talk centered around the critically acclaimed feature Captain Marvel XXX An Axel Braun Parody. Professor Constance Penley, Head of UCSB's Film and Media Studies Department, asked Kenzie to join director Axel Braun and Captain Marvel XXX co-star Aubrey Kate to answer questions about the movie, its production, and creating adult films.

Kenzie starred in Captain Marvel XXX as the lead, Carol Danvers. Her performance received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Additionally, Kenzie won an award for her stand-out scene with Aubrey.
The May 13th class program began with Kenzie, Aubrey and Axel interviewed by two students in the film class, Christine Mouton and Zixuan Xie, who then turned it over to questions from the students (40 undergrads and five grads). Offering their experienced viewpoints, the adult entertainment personalities presented students with a wealth of production knowledge.

"I was happy and full of gratitude to be asked to speak at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)," said Kenzie"I met Professor Constance Penley briefly a few years back and was excited she remembered me. Then to be approached for this opportunity was an honor.
"I was told in advance that the students had researched all of our work/achievements. Axel put together a non-sex version of Captain Marvel XXX an Axel Braun Parody that was screened after all the opening introductions.
"I had never watched a non-sex version of it before, and I really loved it. I'm still so proud of that Captain Marvel XXX, everyone in it, the crew, and for Axel giving me a shot, taking a chance on me for such a huge role!
"We had received such positive reviews/feedback from everyone it was amazing. I'm so glad that I got to be alongside Aubrey (albeit virtual); I know that she was just as thrilled as I was to be there and answer all/any questions the students had for us! I can't wait for more opportunities like this. I love listening and learning new things, hearing new perspectives. Thank you again to Axel Braun, Aubrey Kate, Constance Penley & everyone else in the UCSB film class!"
"Being a guest speaker alongside Axel Braun and Kenzie Taylor at UCSB was an absolute honor and a truly incredible experience," said Aubrey Kate. "I was shocked to see how much the students researched my entire body of work and my career. It made me jealous. If porn were my homework, I would have been a much better student!
"In addition to all of the brilliant and inspiring students in the class, being reunited with Kenzie and Axel let us reminisce and re-live all of the memorable experiences we shared while creating Captain Marvel XXX. It was such an honor to be part of the project, and I can't wait to see what intergalactic battle Axel has me conquer next!"
"It is always a true honor and a privilege to be invited to speak at UCSB," said Braun, who has been a yearly fixture for the past decade at Professor Penley's class. "Having Kenzie and Aubrey with me and being able to screen Captain Marvel XXX with them was an incredible experience. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to offer our collective perspective on the adult filmmaking process to Prof. Penley's students.
"Kenzie is gonna blow people away with this," continued Axel, who was named Wicked Pictures Head of Production last year, following the company's acquisition by Canadian powerhouse Gamma Entertainment. "The level of commitment with which she prepares for a role literally borders obsession, and her understanding of the source material is absolute. Also, she is smoking hot and sexy as hell, which really helps when portraying a highly sexual character like Harley, so I'm pretty sure the fans will love her take on it!"
The most awarded porn director in history, Braun is currently shooting Black Widow XXX while in pre-production on The Batman XXX, starring Gamma contract star Seth Gamble as the caped crusader, in which Kenzie Taylor will tackle the role of Harley Quinn.
Kenzie Taylor shared her Captain Marvel XXX experience with UCSB students! Joined by her director and co-star, a revealing look at the making of a mega-hit was discussed!

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