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Friday, August 20, 2021

New Aaliyah Book 'Baby Girl' Honors Her Impact From Above #MMBMusic


Days ahead of the 20-year anniversary of Aaliyah's untimely passing, the beloved star's legacy will come full circle when fans — both new and old — experience her entire catalog on digital streaming services for the very first time. It's been a long and winding road to see her music make its way to the digital age, a move that has been denounced by her estate, but the wave of anticipation is immense and set to sweep shortly before the benchmark occasion. In addition to her music, an unauthorized biography called Baby Girl: Better Known as Aaliyah has been released, offering readers with a comprehensive retelling of the late star's life and career with new-found research, exclusive interviews and fan contributions on a journey cut too short.

Written by music journalist Kathy Iandoli, the 320-page book, which is currently available via Simon & Schuster, shares previously untold stories and serves a purpose to provide a panoramic view on all things Aaliyah. Merging new narratives into the story of a star no longer with us meant diving deep into her ties with R. Kelly through a "Me Too" lens. It meant learning that someone on her team handed her a pill prior to the ill-fated plane crash that took her life at 22. It also meant re-examining the fandom that has persistently kept her memory alive through outdated media and scarce online resources amid the perfect storm of business and family politics. In turn, Baby Girl helps put the pieces together in understanding her craft, enduring softness and just how much her shadow lingers in the background of today's biggest artists.

Proof Of Vaccination Required For Indoor Activities In NYC #MMBCovid

Beginning on Tuesday, people will need proof of vaccination to enjoy many indoor activities in New York City.

"I am absolutely certain this is going to motivate a lot of people to get vaccinated. It's going to be a reason for people to get vaccinated, particularly young people," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

The mandate includes indoor dining, working out at a gym and indoor entertainment venues in the city.

“We know this is going to reach hundreds of thousands of people, convince them it's time,” de Blasio said.

Enforcement of the policy begins on September 13. At that point, the city will begin handing out fines for those that don't comply with the policy.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer @soniaharcourtxx [Sonia Harcourt] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!!

Sonia Harcourt hands down was one of the most interesting guests I have ever had on the MMB Radio Podcast. I say that in the most flattering way as her journey into the adult business is not what many may consider the most "traditional" way of getting into the biz.

On this episode Sonia tells us how she got into the business at a later age and her unique way of getting started. We also talk about how she met her husband and his influence on her career.

Check out this episode and subscribe to MMB RADIO PODCAST wherever you get your podcasts.

MLB Set to Give Exclusive Trading Card License to Fanatics, Ending 70-Year Run for Topps #MMBSports


CREDIT // SOURCE - Darren Rovell

For 70 years, the name Topps has become synonymous with baseball cards. That longevity was threatened Thursday, as The Action Network confirmed that Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association have given their exclusive licenses to Fanatics. The union deal doesn’t start before 2023, and the MLB deal won’t start until 2026.

Terms of the deal are unclear, but sources say that both MLB and MLBPA will have an equity stake in the new company formed from scratch just to produce trading cards. Fanatics has hired StockX founder Josh Luber to run the business, sources said.

A Fanatics spokesperson declined to confirm the news. Calls made to Mudrick Capital were unanswered.

The deal presents a major is

Girl Scouts Reveal New Cookie For 2022 #MMBFood

The bakers behind Girl Scouts Cookies just unveiled their newest addition: Adventurefuls. It’s a chocolate brownie filled with salted caramel and topped with a chocolate drizzle.

“Available nationwide, every bite of Adventurefuls is full of indulgent brownie-inspired flavor with a combination of chocolatey and caramel flavors, and smooth and crispy textures, for an incredible taste of adventure in every bite,” the Girl Scouts said in a news release. The organization said it recently announced new Cookie Business badges that "help girls think like entrepreneurs as they run their own cookie businesses and incorporate online sales via the Digital Cookie platform."For 2021, a French toast-inspired cookie "Toast-Yay!" joined the lineup.

The cookie will debut in January 2022.⁠

Here's When You Can Get Beyoncé's New 'Ivy Park Rodeo' Collection #MMBMusic

Beyoncé's Ivy Park x Adidas collaboration is dropping its latest installment online today — and fans need to get in on it before it sells out.

The Houston-born icon appears to be nodding to her Texas hometown with the Ivy Park Rodeo collection. Ivy Park Rodeo is slated to release Thursday (August 19) at 2 p.m. EST on Adidas.comE! shared early Thursday morning. Beyoncé announced on the Ivy Park Collection Instagram account that Rodeo would be available in “select stores globally” beginning Friday (August 20). Those stores reportedly include Adidas, Finish Line, JD Sports Nordstrom and more. E! adds that the Rodeo collection marks the first time that kids’ styles will be available, including sizes 2T through XL.

Jennifer Lopez Is Looking To Cut Business Ties With Alex Rodriguez #MMBPop

CREDIT // SOURCE - Hayden Brooks

Jennifer Lopez is attempting to cut ties with Alex Rodriguez for good.

After unfollowing and wiping the former Yankee player, 46, from her Instagram, Lopez, 52, has reportedly decided that she no longer wants to be his business partner. "Jennifer is done dealing with Alex," an insider recently told Us Weekly. "She’s washing her hands of him romantically and also as a business partner." According to the celebrity gossip outlet, Lopez's team plans to get in contact with Rodriguez's team to "tie up any loose ends."

During their five-year run, the two joined forces for a portfolio of real estate, to be investors in self-care company, Hims & Hers, as well as the personal training app, Fitplan. "She will have to sell her side of the company or buy him out," the source continued. "She doesn’t care about how it goes down, just that she is free of the ties to him. She knows it’s [only] fair to Ben [Affleck]."

OnlyFans to Bar Sexually Explicit Videos Starting in October #MMBXXX


OnlyFans is getting out of the pornography business.

Starting in October, the company will prohibit creators from posting material with sexually explicit conduct on its website, which many sex workers use to sell fans explicit content. They’ll still be allowed to put up nude photos and videos, provided they’re consistent with OnlyFans’ policy, the company said Thursday.

The popularity of the social-media service exploded during the pandemic as sex workers, musicians and online influencers used it to charge fans for exclusive access to photos, videos and other material. OnlyFans has attracted more than 130 million users.

That popularity also brought with it additional scrutiny, and OnlyFans is positioning itself more as a forum for musicians, fitness instructors and chefs than sex workers. While many of its most-popular creators post videos of themselves engaging in sexual behavior, several mainstream celebrities like Bella Thorne, Cardi B and Tyga have also set up accounts. 

The changes are needed because of mounting pressure from banking partners and payment providers, according to the company.  OnlyFans is trying to raise money from outside investors at a valuation of more than $1 billion.

“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines,” OnlyFans said. The company is run by its founder, Tim Stokely, and owned by Leonid Radvinsky, an internet entrepreneur.

The company has been praised for giving sex workers a safer place to do their jobs. But sex work still has a stigma. The company handled more than $2 billion in sales last year and is on pace to generate more than double that this year. It keeps 20% of that figure.

OnlyFans said said it will provide more guidance on its new policy at a later date.

The news disappointed some of the sex workers who’ve come to rely on OnlyFans. Silfy, a 30-year-old from Dallas who declined to provide her real name, began posting to OnlyFans a few years ago and relies on the site to pay her bills.

She wrote a few blogs for the company in its early days, and even spoke with Stokely. But over the past year, she noticed the company shifting its focus away from sex work and more toward other types of online creators, aping a similar move at the company Patreon.

Earlier this year, OnlyFans introduced a new app that features many of its top creators, but doesn’t include any nudity.

“If you look at all the promos, they don’t promote us at all,” Silfy said. “I noticed a huge drop in them promoting people who did sex work.”

Florida Couple Arrested In Hawaii For Using Fake Vaccination Cards #MMBCovid

CREDIT // SOURCE - Honey German

A Miami Beach couple was arrested on August 11 after trying to use fake vaccination cards for their two young children during a trip to Hawaii.

Enzo and Daniela Dalmazzo are both facing charges with Daniela facing additional charges that include two for their children, according to complaints filed by the office of Hawaii’s Attorney General. The couple was arrested in Honolulu after attempting to use the cards for their kids who were born in 2016 and 2017. Their kids are too young to be vaccinated and gave the couple away.

The couple was cited a total of $8,000. They have since posted bail.

Friday, August 6, 2021

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer Aria Khaide [@AriaKhaideXXX] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!!

I have to say some of the greatest talents have come out of the great state of New Jersey aside from myself lol we have all sorts of musicians like Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, The Jonas Brothers just to name a small sample. However there are talents like Aria Khaide as well. A '21 AVN Hottest MILF nominee and one of the sexiest women in all of adult entertainment will be a future guest on the MMB Radio Podcast.

I have to admit it is a thrill to be able to speak with not just an amazing performer but someone from the same area. We will talk about her career in the business and a little Jersey talk mixed in. Stay tuned for details on when this episode will air.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer Christy Love [@CLCA69] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!!

Christy Love is much more than an adult entertainer. Although successful in both the web cam world and the adult movie business Christy is also a life coach and has helped people from all walks of life battle issues with depression and trauma. Without giving away too much of Christy's story we can just say there a lot more about her than just a pretty face and amazing videos.

Before heading to Exxxotica in Chicago, Christy was a guest on the MMB Radio Podcast to talk about her life experiences, what people can expect at Exxxotica, and her Christy Love's Living In Greatness program. This is a podcast episode that is sure to have some deep conversation mixed in with some fun that you do not want to miss!

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Post Malone Drops Video For New Single 'Motley Crew' [Video]

Post Malone has returned with his first solo single of 2021.

On Friday (July 9), the artist dropped "Motley Crew" along with its corresponding music video. The Cole Bennett-directed visual features cameos from Tyga, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana, SAINt JHN, Mötley Crüe‘s Tommy Lee, and more.

The video, which shows Posty and his friends partying like rockstars on a racetrack, also includes guest appearances from NASCAR drivers Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin.

"Count up the bands, stickin' out/ No rubber band is big enough/ Chain is so heavy, can't pick it up/ Came with the gang, a myriad/ I see your whip, hilarious/ Where is my roof? Mysterious," he raps on the track before referring to the beloved Fast and Furious series. "My whip from Fast & Furious/ Curtains with yellow interior/ I get the commas, period/ Covered in ice, Siberia/ I'm at the top of the pyramid/ B*tch, I'm a star, I'm Sirius/ We came to play, it's serious."

"Motley Crew" is reportedly the lead single of Posty's long-awaited fourth studio album, PM4. The track comes five months after the release of the 26-year-old artist's Pokémon collab “Only Wanna Be With You" — a cover of Hootie & the Blowfish’s '90s hit.

Post’s last album Hollywood’s Bleeding was released in 2019.