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Friday, September 23, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult Entertainer @Lila_lovelyxxx [Lila Lovely] On @MMBRadio - Now Streaming!! @Exxxotica 2022

With over 173k followers on socials it's no wonder adult entertainer Lila Lovely has gained interest from around the world. Heading into the Exxxotica 2022 event in Edison, NJ, I had the pleasure of talking to Lila and finding out what her secret to success is as well as plans for those attending the convention.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult Entertainer @Edyn_Blair [Edyn Blair] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!! @Exxxotica 2022

The air will soon be getting cooler, leaves will be changing colors, and Exxxotica 2022 will be in New Jersey before we know it. Leading up to the convention I had the pleasure of talking with adult entertainer Edyn Blair. We talked about her upcoming appearance at Exxxotica plus took some of your questions. Be sure to listen and share this episode with everyone you know!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult Entertainer @SinfulIncubus [Sinful Incubus] On @MMBRadio - COMING SOON!! @Exxxotica 2022


When you are dubbed the demon of porn and soul sucker oh you know we got some questions we have to ask! So that is what we are about to do, Sinful Incubus will be a guest on the MMB Radio Podcast to talk Exxxotica NJ as well as getting down to business on this soul sucking trick she does HaHa! Be sure to follow to know when you can download/stream this episode.

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult Entertainer @LilyCravenxxx [Lily Craven] On @MMBRadio - COMING SOON!! @Exxxotica 2022

Lily Craven is a multi talented adult actress, web cam model, content creator, she even hosts her own podcast titled 'Phone Sex with Lily' which can be heard wherever you get your podcasts. And now Lily is coming to MMB Radio! I get the chance to talk to Lily about her upcoming appearance at Exxxotica and everything else freaky. You do not want to miss this episode so be sure to follow a long to know when and where you can download/stream MMB Radio.

Monday, September 5, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult Entertainer @CarissmaDeLuca [Carissma DeLuca] On @MMBRadio - COMING SOON!! @Exxxotica 2022

Carissma DeLuca or Rizzi as people call her is a BBW content creature and self proclaimed #THROATQUEEN. However Rizzi is not just another fly by night performer. Rizzi's following has caught eyes of people everywhere and she is going to be talking to us about that experience as well as her upcoming appearance at Exxxotica NJ, so be sure to follow a long to find out when you can download/stream the episode.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Pro Wrestling Star @tiffanynieves_ [Tiffany Nieves] On @MMBRadio - COMING SOON!

Tiffany Nieves is turning heads every time she steps into a squared circle. Her energy, charisma, athletic ability, and stunning looks has wrestling fans asking for more. Not only are fans wanting to see more of Tiffany they want to know more. I have the honor of being lead detective and finding out all the answers or at least the most that I can about the newest talent in the wrestling business. Keep checking back to find out details when the episode will air.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Fetish & Cam Model Kandii Kitten [@kandiiXkitten] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!!

I am super excited to welcome fetish and cam model Kandii Kitten to the show. Kandii talked to us about how she got into the business, what are some of her wildest cam shows, and much more. Be sure to follow and subscribe to the MMB Radio Podcast wherever you download/stream your podcasts.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Elvis Artist & Illustrator Betty Harper On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!

Betty Harper is an American artist and illustrator. Best known as the official artist for Elvis Presley Enterprises, she has drawn over 20,000 images of Elvis Presley. With Elvis Week 2022 coming up in Memphis, TN, I had the opportunity to talk to Betty about how she became the official artist of EPE and what her favorite memories were of Elvis. We also talk about her upcoming appearance at the Graceland Guesthouse Store and much more.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer Jenna Starr [@jennathestar] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!

 #JennaStarr is the fiery new content creator that is turning heads in the adult industry. Her stunning beauty, phenomenal physique, delectable booty, and fiery sex drive make it easy to see when fans have fallen for her. With the most views on Brazzers it's no wonder why Jenna is high in demand. Check out this exclusive interview we did with her on MMB Radio!

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer @GinaStarr69 at @EXXXOTICA - #MMBXXX

Saturday, June 25, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer Sinn Sage [@SinnSage] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!

When I was presented the opportunity to have adult XXX entertainer Sinn Sage on the show it was an instant YES! Sinn has been in the business for awhile and has seen and done almost everything there is in the adult business. She has always been very opened minded, non judgmental, and a really chill person. Having the chance to ask her about her journey in the business and her thoughts on topics was a once in a lifetime moment although we hope to have her back on the show again soon. However until then check out this episode with adult XXX legend Sinn Sage!

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Stream The @MixMastaB @MMBRadio Memorial Day 2022 Mix On MixCloud - LISTEN NOW!!

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer Angelina Castro [@AngelinaCastroX] LIVE From Exxxotica NJ 2021 NOW STREAMING - #MMBXXX

Exxxotica is a world where people who love the adult entertainment business come together and celebrate that love in one big event. That is the mild way of putting it. In order to REALLY know how Exxxotica goes down (No Pun) you have to check the event out for yourself. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with adult star Angelina Castro the Cuban sensation. I hadn't seen Angelina in some time and it was refreshing.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer September Reign [@xoispyseptember] On @MMBRadio NOW STREAMING - #MMBXXX

#SeptemberReign took time out of her busy hectic schedule to talk to us about her upcoming appearance at #Exxxotica in Chicago. If you ever wanted to know what Exxxotica was all about or just curious what types of things go down and happen then take a listen as September gives the best explanation why you should be in Chicago for the big event. We also talk about the many different things she offers to fans at the show as well as a couple of your sent in questions. Be sure to like and subscribe to MMB Radio Podcast for future episodes just like this.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Pro Wrestler @Miss_LeilaGrey [Leila Grey] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!! #MMBMania

Super excited to announce that pro wrestler Leila Grey was a guest on the MMB Radio Podcast. Leila has been mastering her craft inside the ring but highly successful out of it as well. We talked about her journey on becoming one of the best female wrestling talents. The highs the lows and everything in between. 

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer @OMGitsJessieLee at @EXXXOTICA - LISTEN NOW!! #MMBXXX

We were able to run into adult entertainer Jessie Lee while at Exxxotica NJ 2021 and talked about her upcoming projects, her love for DIY, and much more. Take a listen to this short podcast interview and let us know your feedback.

Friday, January 21, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Adult XXX Entertainer @RitaDaniels69 at @EXXXOTICA - LISTEN NOW!! #MMBXXX

Rita Daniels has been there done that and everything in between when it comes to the adult business. So when the oppertunity came about to talk to her at Exxxotica we had to jump all on it. Rita talked to us about what she has been up to since the pandemic what we can expect in the future and much more. Take a listen to this interview with her at Exxxotica NJ 2021.