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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Tanya Tate [@TanyaTate] Launches MILFS Making Money Podcast #MMBTate

 (HOLLYWOOD, CA) Multi-award-winning performer Tanya Tate ( has debuted a new bi-weekly podcast titled Tanya Tate Presents MILFs Making Money. The show intends to present listeners with suggestions and solutions on leveling up revenue-generating skills across premium social media platforms. Tanya will offer her strategies and discuss with guest influencers the numerous monetization tactics content creators can utilize.

"MILFS Making Money is a podcast for sex workers, content creators, and anyone else looking to maximize their earnings on the various premium social media platforms that are available," said Tanya"Listeners will be amazed by all the creative techniques, tips, and tricks that are available to them."

In addition to sharing her own experiences, Tanya will have guest creators on her show to discuss the methods they use for successful campaigns.

The first episode of Tanya Tate Presents MILFs Making Money is available now on several podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and anywhere else podcasts are available. The main hub of the show is New episodes of MILFs Making Money will debut every other Friday.

Content creators looking to be guests on the show can contact the show's producer Alexander "Monstar" Raymond, at

Ready to boost your at-home earnings? Take a listen to the Tanya Tate Presents MILFs Making Money podcast!

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