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Friday, March 17, 2017

Multiple Nude Photos/Videos Of WWE Superstar Paige Leaked Online After Alleged Hacking #MMBWWE

To say WWE superstar Paige has hit a rough patch with the company is an understatement. Having had some drama on Total Divas, if staged or not, add onto the fact she has been sidelined from in ring action for awhile, plus her engagement to former WWE superstar and now Impact Wrestling star Alberto Del Rio, many are wondering what will be the final straw. Many have expected Paige's release from the company but for some reason(s) the WWE has not parted with her.

Recently Dwayne The Rock Johnson announced he would be doing a movie based loosely on the career of Paige which gave many of her fans hope that the WWE would be keeping her around and dealing with her outside the ring issues.

Then today happens where a bunch of videos and photos were leaked of her acting in sexual activities. She alleges she was a victim of a hacking but many may be wondering if this was all a way to get out of her WWE contract. One would assume this is the final straw that WWE would most certainly release her or will they?

No word yet from WWE regarding the matter but some of these videos and photos are pretty explicit. One video even shows WWE superstar Xavier Woods in a sex act with Paige while former WWE superstar Brad Maddox films. You can check out some of the posted tweets below. Click on the break to see more.

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