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Sunday, June 22, 2014

WWE Superstar John Cena Appearing At Wizard World Philadelphia - #MMBComic

Really, now. Who ever saw John Cena coming? When he debuted on SmackDown in June 2002, he was just a beefy guy in purple trunks. Within a year of his introduction, he transformed into the battle-rapping, chain-wielding “Doctor of Thuganomics.” Now, he’s the biggest star in WWE — but he’s also the most polarizing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ultimate Warrior Week On WWE Network

Tonight through Friday at 10 p.m. ET on WWE Network, WWE honors the WWE Hall of Famer with four specials, featuring interviews with past and present Superstars. And at 7 ET, get a new perspective on what went down in New Orleans with exclusive Superstar interviews on "WrestleMania Fallout."

Mick Foley Working For Another Promotion?

While promoting his comedy show in Baltimore earlier this week, Mick Foley pushed that Ring of Honor is a good alternative to WWE. Foley also wore a ROH t-shirt on stage in Baltimore. Foley has been actively reaching out to different indie promotions about appearing for them now that his WWE contract has expired.


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New Orleans Looking To Secure Wrestlemania In 2019

New Orleans officials are looking at hosting another WrestleMania event in 2019. WWE's John Saboor told

“New Orleans did a magnificent job of hosting the WWE Universe. It is our absolute hope that (New Orleans) community leaders will be an active part of the discussions tied to the placement of WrestleMania in future years.”

What Are WWE Plans For Former NFL Star Shawne Merriman?

As noted, WWE has signed former NFL star Shawne Merriman to a deal. The idea is to bring him up similar to how WCW brought up Steve "Mongo" McMichael.

They're looking at training Merriman as an announcer, put him on TV while he's also training to be a wrestler, and then transition into being a wrestler when he's good enough.

There is a renewed interest within WWE when it comes to signing NFL players who are still young but their football careers are over.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Reports Of WWE Royal Rumble Coming To Philadelphia In 2015

Many outlets are reporting that WWE Royal Rumble will be emulating from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA, in January 2015. No official word yet from WWE on the report or when tickets would go on sale. The last time the Royal Rumble event was held in Philadelphia was in 2004.

Monday, April 14, 2014

WWE's Deal With Ion TV & Dropping Pay-Per-View Mention

As noted, WWE Main Event on Ion is no more as the contract expired and the show will be airing exclusively on the WWE Network now. The lack of renewal doesn’t mean a lot because the $100,000 (ballpark figure) per week WWE was getting for the show wasn’t as important to their bottom line, at a time where they expect profits to rise greatly from the RAW and SmackDown TV rights and the Network.

- WWE is dropping the term "pay-per-view." From now on, the monthly Sunday shows are being called "special events."

CREDIT / SOURCE - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Damien Sandow Gives Money To Homeless During Wrestlemania Week

When all you hear about online in negative stories here is a touching one. Late at night on April 2nd, during WrestleMania week in New Orleans, Damien Sandow was going up to homeless people and handing them all $10 bills. It wasn't something he was doing for publicity since almost nobody was around.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Bret Hart Tweets About Ultimate Warrior

Bret Hart tweeted the following about The Ultimate Warrior:

"I'm deeply saddened at the sudden passing of Jim Helwig, The Ultimate Warrior. I wish I'd been kinder to him in the last moments that we had this past weekend at WrestleMania 30. We did cross paths once or twice, but we were all so busy. I never went out of my way to see him, but if I could... I'd tell him he looked good. He looked content and he looked like he'd finally found happiness within his children and his wife. He never ever harmed me nor did we really work with one another... I wish we had. His final ring promo breaks my heart. I've many fond memories of times we shared, only now do they pile up in my head. I'd also tell him that he was right, he never was such a bad guy. My thoughts are with his wife and children. I never thought his time would be so short. I know one thing, I will never forget him. - Bret"

Sting Signs Deal With WWE But How Will He Be Used?

Sting has indeed signed a deal with WWE. There's no word yet on details regarding what role he will play but he is scheduled to be on TV, but not right away.

Jim Ross Talks About Nancy Grace on Blog

Jim Ross took to his blog to talk about Nancy Grace's handling of the news that thE Ultimate Warrior had passed away and her being misinformed on other popular sports entertainers deaths.

"The polarizing Nancy Grace of HLN really was made to look ill informed and poorly prepared by her staff Wednesday night on her report of the death of the Ultimate Warrior. So much erroneous info was reported as fact that I actually felt bad for her. I'd like to believe that Ms Grace is not a mean person but she let down by her producers and research people notwithstanding those who wrote her script for her teleprompter. For Ms Grace to implicate Owen Hart into any drug or steroid scandal is egregious and appalling.

Medical Examiner Confirms Cause of Death for The Ultimate Warrior

TMZ reports that The Ultimate Warrior died from a massive heart attack, according to the medical examiner who conducted his autopsy last week.

Officials told TMZ that the cause of death was determined to be "Atherosclerotic/Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease" or heart disease.

The medical examiner classified Warrior's death as natural, meaning neither drugs nor alcohol were directly involved.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

WWE Network To Air "Warrior: The Ultimate Legend"

A new special titled "Warrior: The Ultimate Legend" will air on the WWE Network next Wednesday night. No word yet if the special will be a series of his past matches and/or  current and past superstars talking about his legacy.

Mia Tyler Daughter Of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Gets Warrior Tattoo

Mia Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, paid tribute to The Ultimate Warrior by getting the tattoo pictured below. Mia calls herself a WWE Super Fan

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Possible Locations For Wrestlemania After 32

Representatives from Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio, Toronto and Philadelphia were in New Orleans this past week to meet with WWE officials.

Triple H Talks To ESPN About Ultimate Warrior's Passing

Triple H talked with ESPN about the tragic passing of The Ultimate Warrior and said the WWE family is devastated. He said it's shocking and tragic that everything can come to an end how it did, after the return to WWE, Hall of Fame induction and return to RAW. Triple H said he didn't see the smile leave Warrior's face all weekend.

Steve Wilton of Warrior Entertainment Issues Statement on The Ultimate Warrior's Passing

Steve Wilson of Warrior Entertainment issued the following statement on The Ultimate Warrior's death: