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Monday, July 25, 2016

Finn Bálor def. Roman Reigns to advance to the WWE Universal Championship Match at SummerSlam #MMBWWE

Call it the Summer of Finn: Just hours after making his Raw debut, Finn Bálor is one match away from a heavyweight championship, having defeated Roman Reigns and earned a spot at SummerSlam as Seth Rollins’ opponent for the WWE Universal Championship. Reigns, for what it’s worth, held a sizable advantage over Finn in the early goings, when he tossed the Irish Superstar about the ring to establish his dominance over the first-round Draft pick.
Bálor’s speed helped him even the playing field, and a double-stomp to Reigns’ knee left The Big Dog lagging right when he needed his strength the most. Roman held tough against his challenger, but with his mobility limited to one leg, Bálor’s two feet went to work. The Big Dog was peppered with kicks and stomps to every area of his body before he unleashed one last sprint to put his foe down. A Superman Punch and two powerbombs later and Bálor still had life, cutting Reigns’ Spear off with a Sling Blade, running dropkick and Coup de Grâce. And it’s his birthday. You’re up, SmackDown Live.


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