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Monday, July 25, 2016

A NEW WWE Woman's Champion Is Crowned On RAW #MMBWWE

The New Era has its first new champion, as Sasha Banks seized her opportunity and submitted Charlotte for the second time in two nights to become the brand-new WWE Women’s Champion. The route Sasha took was equal parts planning and luck. The planning came when The Boss softened Charlotte’s back up with a straitjacket hold early on, and the luck came when Sasha pulled an Eddie Guerrero and made it look like a lurking Dana Brooke hit her with the Women’s Title to get ejected. (Viva la Sasha?)
With Brooke gone, Sasha had to overcome both a rough landing from a suicide dive and a late-game push from Charlotte that included a Natural Selection and a Figure-Eight. Charlotte even managed to escape a first Bank Statement. But after Charlotte snarled that Banks would never beat her, The Boss did just that, trapping her dead in the middle of the ring with a second Bank Statement. Tap. Bell. New champion. Dream fulfilled. Legit.


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