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Monday, April 25, 2016

Philadelphia woman files $200 million lawsuits against Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé and Jay Z #MMBMusic

A Philadelphia woman is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits against Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé and Jay Z, alleging that the artists slandered her and attempted to capitalize off the use of her name in various songs.
Sameerah Satterthwaite made her claims in two separate lawsuits this week, with one targeting Lamar and the other targeting Jay Z, real name Shawn Carter, and Beyoncé, real name Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Satterthwaite is currently seeking $200 million in each case.
In her lawsuit against Lamar, Satterthwaite alleges that she met with the rapper in Philadelphia on November 3, 2014. The two “talked for like two hours,” Satterthwaite wrote in her statement,” over the course of which they “had a deep conversation.”
Satterthwaite alleges that she recited a poem for Lamar titled “Revolutionary Women,” which contained themes she says the rapper stole for his own use on the album To Pimp A Butterfly. Further, Satterthwaite claims Lamar told her that “he will look out for me if I made him rich,” which she considers a "verbal agreement."
Satterthwaite also claims that the rapper uses her last name on the extended video version of the track “Alright,” speaking at the start “Satterthwaite turn that s—t up” and later saying “R.I.P., my diligence is to only write your eulogy.” The lyrics are listed by respected by lyrics website Genius as “Sounwave, turn that s—t up,” with Sounwave being Lamar’s award-winning producer.
Satterthwaite is asking that Lamar “cease and desist all profit earned” from the album, or that he provide her “$200 million for being slandered with R.I.P.” She also asks that Lamar return one of five Grammys he earned for To Pimp A Butterfly in the suit.
Incidentally, there was some controversy earlier this year when some folks drew close comparisons between Lamar's Grammy performance and a performance by Philly rapper Dice Raw in 2013.
In her suit against Beyoncé and Jay Z, Satterthwaite claims that the pop star is “referring to me as a Hoe” in her track “7/11” as a result of the line “I’m fresher than you, hoe.” In live performances of the song, Satterthwaite claims that the singer refers to her “as Medusa referring to my Scoliosis.”
She also notes that “7/11” was released shortly after a family member, Rymir Satterthwaite, 22, entered the public eye last year for claiming that Jay Z is his father. The Family Civil Liberties Union recently took up that case.
Additionally, Satterthwaite alleges that Beyoncé "was slandering my clothing line," Struck7Philly, in a past performance by wearing “her t-shirt KALE which represents her capital worth.” The singer wore a “KALE” shirt in her music video for “7/11.”
In a separate track, “Formation,” Satterthwaite says the pop star is “referring to her slaying me” due to Beyoncé’s use of the term “I slay” throughout the track. 
Representatives for Lamar, Beyoncé and Jay Z have not yet responded to request for comment.

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