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Friday, April 15, 2016

Jay Z Kept Kobe Bryant's Final Game Ball [Video] #MMBSports #MMBMusic

After Kobe Bryant played his final NBA game--ending his 20-year career like a boss by scoring 60 points--Jay somehow got onto the court and grabbed the ball from the legendary night.
The mogul even did it for the 'gram, so we knew his love of Kobe was real. He showed off his dribbling skills with it, as he made his way out of the stadium. “The Rock handle like Van Exel,” Steve Stoute captioned the video, quoting a line from Hov's bar on Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” “FYI, that is the game ball.” Check out the clip above.
Hopefully, the NBA or Kobe don't come after Jay for this. We know Jay's all about that ROC life, but hopefully taking this ROCK from the last game won't get him in too much trouble.

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