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Friday, October 16, 2015

@MixMastaB Interviews LFL Hall of Famer Monique Gaxiola [@TheGaxLFL13] On @MMBRadio - @MMBSports

When someone mentions the LFL most people think of  a "gimmick" sport. A bunch of half naked women in lingerie playing football where guys are hoping for a girl on girl touchdown celebration. What was once known as the Lingerie Football League is now the Legends Football League and what was once looked at a publicity stunt is now being taken as a serious competitive sport.

I personally had heard of the LFL when it originally formed and can remember begging my parents to let me order Lingerie Bowl on pay-per-view during half time of the Super Bowl. Needless to say I didn't get my wish, however years later I heard about the league changing their name to Legends Football League. For whatever reasons I was not as excited about the LFL as I once was as a child during half time of the Super Bowl. It had nothing to do with the name change or the simple fact that lingerie was no longer being advertised as the uniform of choice, but just that there was so many other things filling my time.

I stumbled across Monique Gaxiola's Twitter account (@TheGaxLFL13) and inquired if she would like to be a guest on my podcast. Not knowing much of the rules or the athletic backgrounds of these women, I thought what a great way to help introduce the sport to more fans who like myself may have heard about the league but didn't know much more then it being about women playing football.

Monique gracefully accepted my invite & I sincerely hope that after listening to this podcast interview you will gain a greater respect for not only Monique and what she has had to endure but the rest of the women of the league. Plus some light hardheartedness as well, because after all anyone who has listened to any of my podcasts knows we cannot go long without cracking some jokes. 

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