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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Funeral Home Owner Creates Drive-Thru Viewing Window

We have all heard of drive-thrus for food and banking needs. Well onebusiness owner has created a drive-thru that will surely surprise you.
Ivan Phillips, owner of the Paradise Funeral Chapel in Michigan, recently unveiled the drive-thru funeral window.

As drivers approach the window, sensors trigger the curtains to move back and reveal the casket.
Phillips says he wanted to bring something to Saginaw, Michigan that people hadn’t seen before.
“The funeral industry is changing rapidly. So my understanding was to bring something here that would be accessible to the community … you may find people that are afraid of funeral homes that they can view their loved one from the convenience of their car,” owner Ivan Phillips said.
Phillips says he is aware of critics who think this is an undignified way to say goodbye to loved ones, but he says people should just give it a chance.

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