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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

@mrssiren [Dee Siren] Teams Up With Inferno Official For A New Sex Doll

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Adult performer and hardcore content producer Dee Siren ( has joined with Inferno Official to debut the Dee Siren Sex Doll. The life-size sex doll is a realistic handcrafted toy that utilizes Dee's likeness. Inferno Official uses a TPE/silicone mix to make the dolls smooth, sensual, fully flexible, and extremely durable. Designed to resemble Dee, the Dee Siren Sex Doll presents users with a unique, fun erotic experience.

"I love the thought of fans being able to get naughty with 'me,'" said Dee"Inferno Official is offering people the chance to bring home the fantasy. Do all the dirty things with her you see me do in my videos. I can't wait to receive fan feedback on the Dee Siren Sex Doll."

“The Inferno Official team is delighted to welcome onboard the sensational veteran MILF pornstar, Dee Siren as both a model to have a Finisher toy made, replica pornstar Sex Doll and an agent for bringing in new talent,” said the owner of Inferno Dolls.
Purchase the Dee Siren Sex Doll here -
Dee's partnership with Inferno Official also includes additional merchandise. Complementing her sex doll is a personalized stroker - Dee Siren Finisher. Molded from her vagina, the Dee Siren Finisher is entirely waterproof and features three speeds and seven vibration frequencies.
Other fantastic products that are available include branded collectibles and wearables. Costumers can acquire items like Dee Siren Unisex Hoodie, Dee Siren Joggers, or a Dee Siren iPhone case. Shop the Dee Siren store here:
Get cozy with Inferno Official's Dee Siren Sex Doll! It's the next best thing to having her home with you!


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