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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

24 Hour Fitness Charging Members Despite Gym Closures #MMBCovid

24 Hour Fitness has some nerve ... it's still charging members even though the coronavirus pandemic is forcing all of its gyms to remain closed.

Here's the deal ... 24 Hour Fitness has been shut down nationwide since March 16, but it's still making workout fiends pay their monthly statements. In fact, the gym says any payments made between March 17 and April 15 will NOT be refunded.

24 Hour Fitness says it's gonna tack on a free month to the end of membership plans for anyone who paid for a month of a closed gym -- but that's kind of a raw deal. People need money now to deal with the pandemic, and they're paying for a service that's unavailable.

The gym says it will stop billing members on April 16, when it plans to reevaluate if it can reopen -- but that doesn't seem likely.

24 Hour Fitness' policy falls in line with Disney and Six Flags -- both charged annual pass holders despite all their theme parks going dark.

Disney eventually changed course and offered refunds, and Six Flags softened its stance. 24 Hour Fitness is now on the clock.

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