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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Here's Where You Can Get Starbucks' New Cookies & Cream Frappuccinos #MMBPop

Starbucks announced they're launching two brand new frappuccino flavors: Cookies & Cream and Strawberry Donut. The new summer beverages were first spotted by instagram snack account @CandyHunting, which revealed the frappuccinos would be dropping in stores ASAP. The only problem? They're currently only available across the pond.

According to a statement from Starbucks, the U.K. exclusive beverages are going to be tasty AF. The Strawberry Donut Frappuccino features real donut crumbles, milk, and ice, blended with a layer of strawberry puree and freeze-dried strawberries on top. The Cookies & Cream Frappuccino includes cookies, milk, ice and a cookies and cream topping. Who's ready to hop on a plane after reading that?

While the Cookies & Cream Frappuccino isn't currently available in the U.S., Delish reports the Starbucks secret menu has a very similar item American frapp lovers can order instead. If you order a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with white mocha sauce topped with chocolate whipped cream, you'll get pretty close to the U.K. exclusive beverage.

As for the Strawberry Donut Frappuccino? We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope Starbucks decides to bring these new flavors over the U.S. ASAP.

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