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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Here's How Much Justin Bieber Spent On Hailey Baldwin's Engagement Ring #MMBMUSIC

If you want to know just how much Justin Bieber loves his new fiancé Hailey Baldwin, we will point you to the half a million dollar engagement ring that he purchased for his future wife. 

On Friday (July 13), TMZ published a report, detailing their revelations with Jack Solow, the owner of Solo & Co, who the chart-topper purchased the rock from. Solow originally met JB through his manager, Scooter Braun, a close family friend of his, prompting Bieber to reach out to him a few weeks later about buying a ring. According to the report, Bieber decided on a large, elongated oval-shaped diamond between 6 to 10 carats, which was delivered to the singer in-person by Solow at his hotel in NYC shortly before Bieber and Baldwin went to the Bahamas. 

Solow didn't disclose the actual price of the diamond ring, but sources close to the situation revealed that it was around half a million dollars. Just a few days ago, Bieber took to Twitter to thank Solow for his help in finding the perfect rock for his new fiancé.

"I was very genuinely excited for him and I had heard that he was with somebody very, very special and that they had bonded over personal things and I was just very, very happy like I would be for any young man who's on that next stop of his life, but for Justin, of course, it's that much more special and that much more visible for everybody," Solow explained to E! News exclusively. 

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Bieber favored tradition in the engagement by asking her father for her hand in marriage before popping the question during their vacation. As the story goes, Justin met Stephen Baldwin in-person several weeks ago to ask the Hollywood titan for his blessing. Stephen is a minister in New York and believes Justin shares the same Christian values that he and his daughter hold, so the big ask was likely not up for debate. After Stephen gave his blessing, Justin went on to orchestrate the moment during their tropical getaway.

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