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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

@MixMastaB Interviews PLAYBOY Model @misskelsishay On @MMBRadio LISTEN NOW!! #MMBKShay

When you take a first look at Kelsi Shay you are automatically pulled into her trap. That trap where you forget about everything around you and can only focus on Kelsi. This trap is not a trap Kelsi would probably openly admit to catching fans and admires in but it happens! I fell victim to the trap if being the ''victim'' is such a bad thing.

I have been a fan of Kelsi's for awhile and one day decided I would just take a shot in the dark after shaking off the trap and ask if she would be interested in being on the MMB Radio podcast. I say interested because I figured this was going to take some skill to convince her why she should take some of her valuable time to talk to me. I have to say she was very welcoming to the idea and there was not much convincing on my part. Why I had not tried sooner I have no idea!

When you listen to this podcast you will find out quickly how laid back and chill Kelsi is. She is a down to earth girl who has a lot to share and doesn't worry about what others think of her. How could you look at her and think anything negative? I promise you will fall in love with her as quickly as I did.

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