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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Simpsons Saw This Fox-Disney Deal Coming 20 Years Ago

Disney was already a behemoth enterprise, but its proposed $52.4 billion purchase of the bulk of 21st Century Fox would make it even more of a giant. As the Washington Post notes, Disney is currently the biggest US studio in terms of box office returns, with the Marvel and Star Wars franchises among its big earners. And under this deal, it would acquire Fox, which is no slouch at No. 3, thanks to its own franchises such as X-Men and Avatar. 

More details and analyses of the deal, which still faces a potentially big hurdle—the approval of federal regulators:

New Disney: In addition to the above-mentioned Marvel, Star Wars, X-Men, and Avatar franchises, the new company also would encompass ABC, ESPN, FX, National Geographic, and a wide range of shows including The Simpsons, Homeland, and Modern Family. Disney also becomes the biggest stake-holder in Hulu, notes Vox, and the company also gets a beefed-up international presence because Fox holds a 40% stake in Sky, the biggest media company in Europe, reports the New York Times.

Simpsons prediction: Did the all-knowing Simpsons predict this merger? But, of course, way back in 1998, notes (See it here.)
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