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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

@KendraLust Launches Entice, a New Line of His and Her Sexual Supplements #MMBKendraLust

Megastar Kendra Lust announced today the launch of her new line of sexual supplements in conjunction with Blackstone Labs CEO, P.J. Braun. The line, called Entice, features supplements formulated specifically for men and women and was designed to provide customers with a more sensitive and sensual sexual experience, while increasing the number and ease of orgasms!

Partner and equity owner in the supplement line, Kendra Lust, explained the origins of the project, “P.J. Braun (CEO of Blackstone Labs and majority owner in the Entice line), who I have been friends with for a number of years, and I began discussing the idea of launching our own product line several years ago.  P.J. and his amazing team began doing the research and trials over the last 12-months for the supplements, and came up with the incredible end-results we are now ready to share with the public!”

Lust also sampled Entice Her personally. She continued, “I was involved with every step of the beta testing forEntice, and personally vouch for its effectiveness! Not only was I more sensitive and able to reach orgasm much more quickly during oral sex than usual, I was also able to climax again, and again, and again!  It was an incredible sensation and I am very impressed with the product, which is why I am so proud and excited to launch the line and share the amazing results with men and women across the globe!”

Blackstone Labs is a Fortune 500 company, and with a ranking of 27th overall on the INC500, Blackstone is theonly supplement company to make the list.

For more information on Entice Her, which offers a libido-boosting CBD extract, check out the video explaining the supplements great benefits on YouTube here, or start shopping on the official site now!

For those interested in Entice Him, watch the informative video about the product on YouTube here, or make your purchase now by visiting the product page directly here!

To learn more about Entice, watch the launch video here.

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