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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rumors Of More WWE Releases Coming #MMBWWE

The eight Superstars released on Friday May 6th might just be the beginning of ongoing company-wide terminations. According to PWInsider, another round of cuts is expected to be announced after the May 22nd Extreme Rules pay-per-view. WWE usually announces releases on Friday, which means they could announce the next set as soon as May 27th unless they decide to wait.

We've also been heard rumors of another surprising WWE release, a women's star and one who would be considered a top Superstar. It was noted that "stays of execution" are always possible for some talents who go through late negotiations but it sounds like officials already know who will be getting cut.

On a related note, word is that the releases are being made to clear the way for new signings. We noted before that it was implied to Damien Sandow that his release was a timing thing as the company felt it was the time to freshen up the roster, not because of anything he did. Vince McMahon mentioned during this week's First Quarter earnings call that over the next month or so the company will have more talents on the roster than ever before.

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