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Friday, April 15, 2016

TNA Getting Evicted from Offices, Potential Investors Reportedly Put Money Into TNA Impact #MMBTNA

TNA was reportedly evicted from their current offices at Cummins Station in Nashville and will be moving all operations to a 20-25,000 square foot warehouse that has been using at the end of this month. Production will be moving to NorthStar Productions in the same city because there is no room for TV production at the warehouse.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the company fell behind on rent and could no longer afford to stay at the Cummins Station location. They previously moved the offices to the basement where TV production was done as a cost-cutting move but fell behind and were essentially evicted, effective at the end of this month. The company had known about the move for some time.

We've also noted how TNA officials continue to talk with potential investors and partners. The Observer reports that new potential investors are in play and have put money into keeping TNA TV going but it does not look like they have purchased an interest in the company yet.

There is a deal that reportedly revolves around which side ends up with controlling interest, something TNA obviously does not want to give up. However, there's a feeling that TNA needs the deal to happen just so they can survive, which gives the investors a lot of leverage to gain controlling interest.


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