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Sunday, April 10, 2016

@MixMastaB Interviews Pro Wrestling Superstar @ToughChelseaG LIVE From #Wrestlecon Dallas Listen NOW!! #MMBMania

One of the coolest things about WrestleMania week besides seeing the show of shows itself is being able to interact with a lot of the talent. Wrestlecon has become one of the most see events every WrestleMania weekend and Dallas was no different. With over a 100 guests from the past, present, and future of the business gathering in one spot it's no wonder why the event has grown in popularity over the years.

This year I was stoked to be not only attending Wrestlecon but staying at the same hotel as the talent and where the event was taking place. One of my must meets and see was Chelsea Green. Casual fans may remember her from WWE's Tough Enough on TV, but Chelsea has been mastering her craft way before the Tough Enough cameras were rolling. Having been trained by Lance Storm, this native of Canada is one of the many females in the business breaking down barriers and putting women's wrestling on the map.

I was able to talk to her for a couple minutes at Wrestlecon. Not a long interview but a couple minutes where you the listeners can hear the excitement in her voice as she is attending her first ever WrestleMania.

Be sure to follow Chelsea on Twitter @ToughChelseaG and be sure to click READ MORE to download and stream the podcast.

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