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Friday, March 18, 2016

Pro Wrestler Sting To Retire From Professional Wrestling Due To Injury #MMBWWE

According to the reports, sources connected to Sting say that he was evaluated by several doctors who all agree that it’s just too risky for the soon-to-be-inducted Hall of Famer to return to the ring. Sting turns 57 in the coming weeks.

The news shouldn’t come as a shock as Sting was severely injured at his “WWE Night of Champions” match against Seth Rollins back in September of 2015.  Sting was formally diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis which is a condition affecting the nerves that can result in extreme pain and discomfort. This was the same condition that forced Edge to retire from in-ring competition back in 2011

According to the report, Sting may make his official retirement announcement next month at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Texas where he is to be inducted by longtime rival and 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

The report goes on to say that Sting is open to a non-physical role with the company which many assume would be an on-air character such as a general manager and/or as an ambassador for WWE much like many WWE Legends, Superstars and Hall of Famers.

The news is disappointing because fans will never get to see the ‘dream match’ between the Undertaker and Sting, a bout that fans have been clamoring for for close to 20 years and a showdown even Sting has eluded to wanting.

Sting has had a legendary career and has competed in several wrestling companies, most notably WCW, WWE and TNA. Although his win-loss record in WWE may not stand out, his longevity, popularity and iconic stature will live on forever.

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