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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Floyd Mayweather willing to give Manny Pacquiao a rematch when shoulder heals #MMBSports

Floyd Mayweather won the fight against Manny Pacquiao, even though the bout didn't live up to the hype. Some thought Manny Pacquiao won, like Skip Bayless on ESPN's First Take.

There was also the built-in excuse that Pacquiao had a torn rotator cuff before the fight and was fighting injured, putting a cloud over the already controversial result of the fight. Pacquiao is getting surgery on his shoulder and could be out nine to 12 months.

Mayweather isn't going to let that blemish his undefeated record, and apparently texted Stephen A. Smith while he was on the show to say that he would give Pacquiao a rematch in May or September of 2016 when Pacquiao is fully healed.

You knew this was music to Bayless' ears who is firmly on Team Manny.

Mayweather had initially said that his last fight would be in September, his 49th professional fight of his career. A rematch with Pacquiao would be fight number 50 and a chance to finish 50-0 and pass Rocky Marciano's record, a mark he probably has his eyes on even if he doesn't want to fight anymore because his heart isn't in it.

Not to mention there is an incredible amount of money to be gained from another super fight with Pacquiao. Probably not as much money as the first time around because some were turned off by the pace of the fight and Mayweather's defensive style.

But it is bizarre that Mayweather would text Smith instead of a number of other ways he could break this news if he wanted to.

CREDIT / SOURCE - Fansided / Mike Dyce

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