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Monday, March 23, 2015

Mexican luchador dies in tag-team match against ex-WWE superstar Rey Mysterio Jr. [Video] #MMBWWE

A Mexican wrestler died from injuries he suffered in a Friday night tag-team match that also featured former WWE talent Rey Mysterio Jr.,Mexico’s Zeta reports. The paper uploaded chilling video to YouTubeshowing luchador Perro Aguayo Jr. who wrestled for Mexico’s AAA promotion under the name “El Hijo del Perro Aguayo” being loaded into an ambulance, which took him to a nearby hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. The 35-year-old was pronounced dead in the early hours of Saturday morning. Zeta reports the cause of death was whiplash.

It is unclear what caused Aguayo’s whiplash, but it appears to be an accident. Video of the event posted to YouTube shows Mysterio doling out a dropkick to Aguayo as a means of setting up his finisher, known as the “619.” Aguayo careened into the second rope, where his body went limp. Aguayo’s tag-team partner Manik was then sent into the ropes as well. Mysterio then sets up to execute his finisher, but appears to miss. At that point, the match continues for several more seconds until Mysterio stops to check on his opponent. At that point, medical staff rushes in to aid Aguayo before he is loaded into the ambulance.
Mysterio took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to mourn Aguayo, who he refers to as a “brother.”

 The pro wrestling community and fans immediately reacted on Twitter when they learned of Aguayo’s death on Saturday.

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