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Friday, February 20, 2015

Sean Waltman Comments On Chyna's Allegations Triple H Assaulted Her #MMBWWE

We noted earlier this month that Chyna accused Triple H of assaulting her during her recent interview with Vince Russo. Triple H quickly put out a statement and denied the charges.

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, who has been good friends with Triple H and was once in a relationship with Chyna, said that Chyna told him the same assault story at one point during their relationship but he said she later admitted all Triple H did was push her out of the way. Waltman also said he doesn't want to be involved in a public mudslinging story with Chyna.

Waltman has admitted that he was on drugs during that period of his life and said both of their issues were bad, to the point that he can look back now and say they're both lucky to be alive. Waltman also said that a lot of what Chyna has said about him publicly wasn't true either. He also noted that in her autobiography, she claimed that she was raped in college but admitted to him that it wasn't true.

CREDIT / SOURCE - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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