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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Former UFC Fighters Claiming Invite To Wrestlemania #MMBMania #MMBWWE #MMBUFC

Regarding former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen claiming that he and former UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva have been invited to WrestleMania 31 weekend to have unknown talks with WWE, Dave Meltzer points out that WWE has wanted to work with Sonnen for some time.

WWE backed off of their interest in Sonnen when he tested positive for steroids and like other companies, WWE had to wait until they felt the steroid label had run its course. Once ESPN worked with Sonnen and made him more mainstream again, there was a good chance WWE would come calling.

Fan speculation on why WWE may be interested in talking with the two includes everything from training them in pro wrestling to having them do some type of exhibition fight. Silva and Sonnen were scheduled to fight for UFC last year but it never happened.

Meltzer adds that WWE has been interested in having Sonnen work as an announcer.


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