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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Backstage News On Seth Rollins Nude Leaks #MMBWWE

It was reported on Tuesday morning that there was apparently no heat coming down on Seth Rollins after the nude photo leaks as WWE officials really believed that his social media accounts were hacked.

Reddit's MetsFan4Ever, who has broke some WWE stories in the past, reports that there's talk of Rollins being fined a small amount of money because of the feeling that while it was likely a mistake on his part, he originally leaked the first photo.

Triple H was reportedly against the idea fining Rollins in any way but Vince McMahon felt someone needs to be held responsible and because he can't punish any of the women involved, it had to be Rollins. Some within WWE have been expecting Rollins to hold his Money In the Bank briefcase until June, then cash it in to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion but some believe now that he won't be champion any time soon, according to this new report.

It's been noted how the Rollins debacle got a lot of mainstream media coverage on Tuesday. WWE officials were said to be specifically upset about Elvis Duran talking about it for 15 minutes on his morning radio show, which is syndicated nationally and is one of the most-listened to shows in New York City.

We noted on Tuesday that WWE officials sent out a memo to all talents after RAW, telling them not to talk about the Rollins situation publicly. MetsFan adds that short meetings were held at the SmackDown tapings in Dayton last night and at company headquarters in Stamford on Tuesday to reinforce proper social media etiquette. Talents were reportedly told to immediately remove any photos from their phones that would be considered risky.

A WWE representative for comment was reached and they said the report of Rollins possibly being issued a fine and the social media meetings being held is untrue.


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