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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WWE Moving On from CM Punk?, How They Fought Punk Chants at RAW

WWE’s production team was on “high alert” for the CM Punk chants and fully expected them going into Monday night’s RAW in Omaha.

It was brought up earlier in the day to kill the house mics whenever the chants started and that’s exactly what happened. While Punk chants were still audible, officials instructed the announcers not to mention them.

WWE is apparently moving on under the assumption that Punk is gone and not coming back. They continue to remove all associations with him.

CREDIT / SOURCE - Daily Wrestling News


  1. This approach is absolutely insane. The guy was one of their stars and best workers in/out of ring. To simply ignore his existence and act like he never was is most definitely not "best for business". Fans aren't stupid (well, some are). Don't see how this is going to get any better. Screwing with production quality? Muting crowd noise? Confiscating signs? Removing people? Don't get this company sometimes. They bury the best and allow part-time jabronies to have all the big spots. Headshaking indeed.

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself. We have seen this happen before though with a lot of talent that have just walked away. It happened to Bret, Austin, HBK, Hogan, so if you're keeping score at home those names are a huge company to be a long side of. However that being said it does hurt the fan experience, but also puts WWE in a bind because they have to work off the seat of their pants and come up with something quick.