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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WWE Gives NBC Universal Deadline For New TV Deal

The New York Post reports that NBC Universal until Friday, February 14th, which is Valentine's Day, to respond to WWE's offer that would keep WWE programming on NBCU networks. If a deal if not reached by the 14th, WWE will begin talking with other companies about their offers.

PWInsider reports that two well placed sources confirm that no deal has been reached between WWE and NBC yet. While WWE appreciates its relationship with NBC and do not want to move if they don't have to, WWE will indeed move if NBC doesn't give them what they are looking for.

With the ability to show RAW and SmackDown replays on the WWE Network, the feeling internally is that they will not have a problem with fans finding the product if they change networks.



  1. Both products lack enough creative input at the moment... or said another way, creative leaves a lot to be desired at times with odd bookings and favoritism of HHH's buddies. It's good to be the king I guess.

  2. When you have your own network it's no wonder they can make these demands.