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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mick Foley Speaks About CM Punk's Departure

This past Sunday on Live Audio Wrestling Mick Foley stopped by the show to promote his comedy shows in British Columbia this week. The full interview discussing his WWE contract status, WrestleMania involvement, CM Punk and more is up at and on iTunes . When asked about CM Punk leaving WWE here is what he had to say:

CM Punk’s exit from WWE:

"The last time I touched base with him was after the Rumble and I don’t want to discuss what he said exactly. I’ll just say I wasn’t shocked when he decided to leave because he and I – there is a deep, mutual respect there and we like each other. I would say to him after I watched him at a house show and I would say “geez, you don’t have to work that hard every night” and he would say “if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here” and I respect the work ethic and I understand if you’re hurt and you’re not enjoying yourself that it’s not the place to be."

"I would hate to see CM Punk turn into what I did where my philosophy became “good enough is going to have to be good enough” and it wasn’t that philosophy that helped me succeed, to get me into the WWE Hall of Fame and I kind of regret going through a few years where things had to be that way. I don’t think Punk wants anyone to see him at anything less than his best and I know he’d been frustrated for a while. He’s a pretty outspoken guy and in the end he’ll make the decision that’s best for him. What I said and I’ll repeat for you guys, if he can reconsider one thing it’s not to let whether or not he’s officially the main event dictate how good his match is. If he had a big match coming up at WrestleMania I would encourage him to at least think about taking advantage of that. In 2006, in no way, shape or form were Edge and I the main event of WrestleMania but we had a great match…I didn’t walk away from that WrestleMania thinking it was any less special because we weren’t the feature so that’s the only piece of advice I’d give him, not to let those words “main event” dictate how important the match is but if your heart’s not in it, it’s not in it."

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