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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Former WWE Star Pete Gas Talks About CM Punk's Departure

Former WWE star Pete Gas of Mean Street Posse fame recently spoke with The Shoot and talked about CM Punk leaving WWE:

"I completely agree with this guy (Punk). As much as I love the McMahon family, and listen I understand why they do it. WrestleMania is their Super Bowl, they try to get as many buys as they can and i get all that. You want to have the big names. His comments about him breaking his ass, Daniel Bryan breaking his ass. These guys are there every single night getting it done. I understandwhere he's coming from. He always wanted to be the main eventer at WrestleMania. But so does every other fucking guy in that locker room. I understand his point where he says I'm the one here and then they bring in The Rock for a couple of months and then he goes back to make another movie. I get all that. It's a controversial topic and I can understand both sides of it."

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