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Friday, January 3, 2014

Is Jeff Jarrett Starting Up A New Wrestling Federation?

Jeff Jarrett gave TNA a two week notice on Sunday which is why he’s not officially relieved of his duties until January 6th of next year.
Word is that for legal reasons, Jarrett won’t be saying much of anything for the next two weeks. 

Once that time period is up, Jarrett will be free to speak about his future and some feel that he will be ready to open up. TNA believes the Toby Keith deal is dead and there is fear within TNA that Jarrett might be looking to start a new promotion with the group that was interested in buying TNA.
However, most of everything being reported is speculation as no one besides Jarrett knows the reason for his departure. Word is that Jarrett isn’t even telling his closet friends why he chose to leave the company.

CREDIT / SOURCE - Daily Wrestling News

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