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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Brodus Clay Discusses the Incident with Cameron’s Boyfriend

Brodus Clay recently spoke to John Pollock of The Fight Network about the incident with Cameron at dress rehearsals at WrestleMania, which aired on Total Divas, which led to Cameron’s boyfriend, Vincent, wanting to fight him.

“I think he [Vincent] was doing that display for the cameras,” Brodus said. “Up until that day, I had never seen Cameron cry a day in her life. She’s always been a tough, very confident, very outspoken woman. Some would say she could even be a bit bullying at times… Vincent’s thing, I think, was more for the cameras because I saw him at the end of the night, and he definitely wasn’t yelling and screaming at me.”
Brodus the discussed how the argument was over how Cameron reacts to Sweet T.
“When he [Sweet T] says something, you should probably respect it, and that wasn’t done. I said something to her about it, and she said something to me about it, and I said ‘I’m not dealing with it’ and I walked away. And I guess she looked at it as an opportunity, I’m not really sure.”
Source/Credit - Daily Wrestling News

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