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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jay-Z raps ‘Scott Boras, you over baby’ In Song Mentioning Robinson Cano

Just when you thought hip-hop had trotted out every beef possible, we've got a new one: Rap mogul vs. super agent. Only the agent in question is a 60-year-old white dude who most certainly knows more about wrapping presents than a rapping presence.

Yes, Jay-Z calls out baseball agent Scott Boras in a song from his upcoming album, "Magna Carta Holy Grail." Hov, as we hip-hop fans know him, is basically just rubbing it in Boras' face that New York Yankees star Robinson Cano left Boras to sign with Jay's new sports agency, Roc Nation.
The song is titled "Crown" and here are the lyrics in question, via HipHopDX:
"Scott Boras, you over baby / Robinson Cano, you coming with me"
(Getty Images)It's hardly the sharpest barb we've seen in a rap beef. It's not Common dissing Ice Cube, Tupac's epic "Hit 'Em Up" rant or Ice Cube going after all of N.W.A. in "No Vaseline." This is as mismatched as Everlast vs. Eminem.
The next line in "Crown" alludes to another high-profile client that Hov's agency nabbed,NBA star Kevin Durant.
"These [redacted] like rotary phones / It's a new day, hit up KD"
No agents getting called out there. Only Boras. Perhaps it's something he said. After Cano joined Roc Nation, Boras told the New York Post:
“For him to make such immediate changes means a lot was said to him, a lot was promised and a player sometimes needs time to understand situations when a great amount of new information comes his way.”
That's more confusing businessman talk than direct diss to Jay-Z. But Jay's never been one to shy away from beef. Just ask Nas or Prodigy from Mobb Deep, two rappers upon whom Jay's unleashed his venom.
Now let's all cross our fingers that Boras decides to offer his rebuttal in rap form.

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