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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Student Punished For Johnny Manziel Haircut

Johnny Manziel has captured the interest of most college football fans and likely the votes of some -- many? -- Heisman voters. He has also captured the head of Christian Chavez, who had the likeness of the Texas A&M quarterback barbered onto the side of his dome.

Hailing from Johnny Footballl's hometown of Kerrville, Texas, Chavez got his head-turning haircut done by Rob The Original, a "hair artist" in San Antonio.
Described as "like the Sistine Chapel of haircuts" by Clay Travis at Outkick The Coverage, the look is a hit among sports fans. Taylor Hendrix of Cosby Sweaters wrote that it "is definitely the best tribute haircut I have ever seen."
Unfortunately, the Kerrville Independent School District does not feel the same.Chavez was sent home from school on Thursday on the pretense that his haircut was a distraction, as first reported by
"I love the haircut. I'm a big fan of Johnny. My parents love it, too. They like Johnny. My older brother played with Johnny," Chavez told Bill Speros of
Another Texas sports fan was sent home from school last year under similar circumstances. Twelve-year-old Patrick Gonzalez was suspended from Woodlake Hills Middle School for a day after turning up for class with the image of Spurs' sharpshooter Matt Bonner etched in his red hair. Earlier this season, a fan of the Houston Rockets had the likeness of James Harden shaved into his hair. There is no reason to believe he was sent home from any school. But perhaps he should have been as that look was terrifying.
For those not subject to the aesthetic standards of school administrators, Rob The Original seems to specialize in this type of tribute. Fox Sports Nation visited with himin July 2012 as he was doing a portrait of San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green for one of his clients.

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