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Thursday, November 15, 2012

NHL labor negotiations take bizarre turn

Throughout this 61-day NHL lockout, there have been some bizarre moments.
One of them occurred late Thursday night when TSN studio analyst Aaron Ward tweeted that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman suggested on Wednesday a two-week moratorium on the talks.
Think about that. A two-week break in the talks while two months of the NHL season have already been cancelled.
Now that is truly bizarre, but it also explains why there haven’t been negotiating sessions this week.
There were six days of consecutive negotiations last week before things broke down last Friday night amid serious rancor on both sides.
Talks resumed for 90 minutes two days later, but quickly broke down again.
While the two sides seem close, at the same time, they remain very far apart on economics, as league deputy commissioner Bill Daly told on Monday at the Hockey Hall of Fame ceremonies.
Daly said early Thursday morning that he was, “more discouraged now than I have been at any point in the process.”
Some took Daly’s remark as more posturing from the league, which is faced with having to cancel most, if not all, of December’s games sometime early next week.
Late Thursday night, Daly told TSN, “We are extremely disappointed in where we and the players find ourselves. And from our perspective, we have made repeated moves in the players' direction with absolutely no reciprocation. 
“Unfortunately, we have determined we are involved with union leadership that has no genuine interest in reaching an agreement. Regardless of what we propose, or how we suggest to compromise, the answer is ‘no.’ At some point you just have to say, ‘enough is enough.’”
There was no response from NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr or his special counsel, Steve Fehr.


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