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Friday, September 21, 2012

Colts fan gets his dying wish: Special access to this Sunday’s game

Danny Webber, a terminally ill 74-year-old man from the Indianapolis area, has asked for and received a simple last wish: Tickets to this Sunday's game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Webber, who is suffering from prostate cancer that has spread to his lungs and spleen, will attend the game at Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium through Heritage House, the senior community where he lives in Greensburg, Ind. Heritage House's dietary manager got the tickets through people she knows at a local bank.
Webber was able to speak with Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star about what the game would mean to him.
"This one will be very special …" Webber said in a Thursday phone interview.
His voice cracked with emotion as he tried to finish the sentence.
"… because this will be the last one I ever see."
The Colts were told of Webber's wish on Friday, and they quickly moved to make his experience better. He will not sit in the 500 level as was originally planned -- now, he will have pregame sideline access and VIP status in the club lounge. Webber and his companions will also have some of the best seats in the house for the game.
"He's one of the first dreams we're helping to fulfill," said Heritage House activity director Myranda Hartwell, who will attend the game with Webber. "You can see how much better it makes him feel."
Hartwell said that Webber is one of the staff's favorite residents.
"He's an amazing guy," Hartwell told Yahoo Sports' Eric Adelson. "I was on vacation when he came in. You have to meet this guy. You walk into his room and you can tell he's a gentle, loving soul. He's a kid at heart. He's always been a people person. He's a veteran. Always wanted to help people."
Webber has been a Colts fan since the 1950s, back to the organization's Baltimore days, and he would love to get an Andrew Luck autograph. Somehow, we think the Colts organization will come through on that request.
"[It's] very obvious when you walk into his room," Hartwell said of Webber's Colts fandom. "It's everywhere. We had a Colts tailgating. He comes down sporting all of his blue. He began telling me of his love for the Colts."
Webber has been invited to a tailgating party, and though Hartwell told Adelson that she believes there are those more deserving, Webber knew he wanted to take her.
"Even yesterday, I still can't believe this," she said. "I don't think I'll believe it when I'm sitting in the stands."

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