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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pamela Anderson 2011 Playboy Spread Leaked

Pamela Anderson has decided to grace the pages of the magazine that made her who she is Playboy. This has been known for some time, but recently the photos of her January 2011 issue have surfaced online. Make sure to check out the photos by clicking read more. Shout out to Beverly Hills Honeys for the photos.

Click on photos to enlarge


  1. Lots of bad things said about Pam over the years, but you can't deny she is absolutely gorgeous sans attire.

  2. Bitch gets famous and suddenly she doesn't show her bush anymore? WTF

  3. photos are old as hell

  4. They're old because you're just now looking at them...look and see when it was posted.

  5. shes still hot as hell