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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mix Masta B Interviews Booker T Ep. 10

I had the opportunity to talk to Booker T or as he was known then, King Booker. Booker was the world champion at the time I interviewed him and was taking on his biggest challenge Batista.

Booker had started to use an English accent when he took on the King Booker character but for this interview he kept it real.

It was cool to talk to him about music and sports. He is a really cool guy who I actually got to meet up with again once he left the WWE and went toTNA.

Booker owns and operates PWA Pro Wrestling Alliance out of Houston, TX. Some greats have walked through their doors including, CM Punk, Abyss, The Miz, Mick Foley, Jay Lethal and more.

For more information about PWA check out PWA Homepage

Interviewing King Booker
Booker T then in TNA

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