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Sunday, October 9, 2022

@MixMastaB Interviews Producer & Director Of "I Love You, You Hate Me" Tommy Avallone [@TommyAvallone3] On @MMBRadio - NOW STREAMING!!

What color is happier than purple? No color! So says Bill Nye the Science Guy and a lot of other for that matter. I had the pleasure of talking to my friend Tommy Avallone who is the executive producer and director of the new docuseries titled, "I Love You, You Hate Me" premiering on Peacock October 12th. I have known Tommy since my college years and he has always produced some intriguing pieces of work from "I Am Santa Claus" to "Ghostheads" and mor
recently "The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From  Mythical Man.

When I caught wind he was doing a docuseries on some of the behind the scene stories of Barney the loveable purple dinosaur I had to get him on the podcast to talk to us. Without giving away any spoiler be sure to take a listen and check out "I Love You, You Hate Me" streaming exclusively on Peacock starting October 12th.