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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Girl Scouts Announce New Toast-Yay! Cookie Flavor Coming In 2021 #MMBPop

On Tuesday (August 18), Girl Scouts of the USA made an exciting announcement. Beginning next year, a delicious new cookie flavor will be added to their sales lineup. Even though Girl Scout cookie fans will have to wait a whole year to try out the Toast-Yay! cookie, the Girl Scouts are sharing some tidbits about what to expect from their newest addition.

In the press release about Toast-Yay!, the Girl Scouts described the new addition as "a French toast-inspired cookie." The cookie will be "dipped in delicious icing and full of flavor in every bite." Sounds amazing, right?

While the Girl Scouts may not be able to sell cookies door-to-door as usual next year, Girl Scout Cookie enthusiasts will still be able to purchase their annual cookie haul online. "Many girls will offer socially distant or contactless sales and delivery options," the organization explained. "If local guidelines allow, in-person sales may also be available in certain areas, keeping girls’ safety top priority."

"And though social distancing measures may keep families and friends apart, cookie customers will be able to share joy and stay connected this season through a giftbox option that ships directly to others via the Digital Cookie/Smart Cookie online platforms," the statement added.

Are you excited to try Toast-Yay! cookies next year?

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