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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Waffle House Started Selling Its Waffle Mix Online — and Sold Out in 4 Hours #MMBCovid

Waffle House Closes 418 Restaurants Because of Coronavirus - Eater

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more bad news.

Waffle House recently unveiled a new product that sold like hot cakes.

On Wednesday, the breakfast chain made its beloved waffle mix available online for limited-time purchase.

"Keep the Waffle House experience alive in your Waffle Home," read a tweet from the company on Wednesday morning.

The welcome announcement quickly went south when the mix sold out four hours later.

Waffle House shared the update in a follow-up tweet.

“Waffle Mix is currently sold out, but we're working to restock!” the company wrote.

According to Waffle House, the branded Waffle Mix includes three bags, with enough to make 5-6 waffles in each bag.

The mix is listed on Waffle House’s website for $20.

The mix is introduced after the chain closed its dining rooms, only offering takeout or delivery, in response to coronavirus.

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