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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Ariana Grande Is Recreating 'The Waterboy' Scenes & We Can't Stop Watching #MMBMusic

Ariana Grande Gives Us Another Glimpse of Her Quarantine Curls ...
CREDIT // SOURCE - Taylor Fields

During this global coronavirus pandemic, Ariana Grande is spending her time in quarantine resurrecting her acting skills, and it's a complete joy to watch.

In a few videos posted to social media, Ari and her friends (remotely) have been recreating scenes from The Waterboy, the 1998 comedy starring Adam Sandler (and if you've never seen this movie, add it to your must watch in quarantine list!) in which Sandler's character, Bobby Boucher Jr., is a water boy for a southern football team. Only when the team's coach discovers Boucher's real football talents, he's recruited to be the team's star linebacker.

One video shows Grande as Boucher, her Victorious co-star and friend Liz Gillies, as well as photog Alfredo Flores as two college girls interested in Boucher. In the caption, Ari wrote, "and how'd u all make use of YOUR day?"

Also, "Bobby Boucher" himself "approves of this message" because that's exactly what Adam Sandler commented on Ari's video.

Another video shows Ari reprise her role as Bobby, and Gillies taking on the character of Boucher's love interest, Vicki Valencourt, who Bobby's momma does NOT approve of and thinks is "the devil." And playing Mrs. Boucher, Bobby's momma, is Ariana's own mother herself, the one and only, Joan Grande. Kathy Bates would be proud.

If anyone at the Academy is reading this: GIVE THESE INCREDIBLE ACTORS THEIR OSCARS ALREADY!

On Twitter, Liz wrote to Grande, "I could honestly watch you as Bobby Boucher all day," which SAME. And Ari replied, "[You] and @joangrande transformed. Truly soul shaking performances from u both."

Agreed! Brilliant performances all around.

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