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Friday, May 3, 2019

Buckingham Palace Finally Gave An Update On Meghan Markle's Baby #MMBPop

CREDIT // SOURCE - Emily Lee

As the days tick by without a royal birth announcement, royal watchers are beginning to speculate that Meghan Markle has already welcomed Baby Sussex in private. While there are definitely some compelling clues that this could be the case, Buckingham Palace has finally gave an update on the royal baby's arrival. Though Meghan's due date was reportedly last Sunday (April 28), a representative for Buckingham Palace confirmed Baby Sussex "hasn't been born yet."

While Baby Sussex isn't here yet, all signs point to the imminent arrival of the newest member of the British Royal Family. Both Prince Harry and Prince Charles will be going abroad on official royal business next week, so, it's safe to assume Meghan is expected to give birth before those trips. While it's one thing if Charles is abroad for the arrival of his fourth grandchild, it would definitely be in bad form for Harry to schedule a trip when his wife could potentially be in labor.

Should Meghan give birth on Friday (May 3), Baby Sussex will share a birthday with her cousin Princess Charlotte. Meghan and Harry's baby will also share a zodiac sign with Charlotte, Prince Louis and Queen Elizabeth. Baby Sussex will be the fourth royal Taurus.

Though Harry and Meghan opted to be surprised by their baby's gender, professional oddsmakers predict they're expecting a little girl. Elizabeth and Diana used to be the frontrunners for the little one's name, however, two unexpected options have quickly gained popularity. Both Grace and Allegra had surprising leaps in favorability over the past few days. Grace tops the list with 6-1 odds, while Allegra jumped 100-1 odds to 20-1 odds.

Fingers crossed Baby Sussex arrives soon!

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