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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Is The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood Still a Virgin? #MMBPop

CREDIT // SOURCE - Sierra Marquina

The amount of times that Colton Underwood was referred to as a virgin on the latest season of The Bachelor had some fans annoyed and others participating in drinking games while watching the drama-filled season. So when Colton appeared on the After the Final Rose finale segment with now girlfriend Cassie Randolph, host Chris Harrison had to ask: Is Colton still a virgin?

“I will say, heading into the Fantasy Suite I wasn’t thinking about anything other than fighting for our relationship,” Colton told Chris, referring to the couple’s dramatic on-screen breakup. “I know I’ve been very open and candid about my virginity,” he added. “But since there are two of us now in this relationship, it’s something that we’re going to keep to ourselves.”

Harrison jokingly added that he’ll take that as a “yes” and neither Colton nor Cassie denied the assumption. 

While we won’t know for sure, we do know that the couple are sticking by their love story.

Cassie infamously broke up with Colton ahead of the finale with two other girls remaining. Colton then broke up with the other two runners-ups, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin, only to win Cassie back by showing up to her door again and bringing her back to Spain to meet his family and finally have their fantasy suite date. 

“I was so happy to see him,” Cassie has since told People magazine. “And when he told me what happened, I was a little shocked. But it felt really nice that he was fighting for [us] and that he understood where I was coming from and was okay with it. He knew I needed more time.”

The couple, who have now been dating for four months, are also still looking forward to an engagement. 

“Colton never put pressure on me,” Cassie added. “I think that’s why we’re still here today, because we took it at our own pace. We didn’t want to rush something that was going to be forever.”

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