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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ronda Rousey Is Not Leaving WWE #MMBWWE

Ronda Rousey is NOT parting ways with WWE -- despite reports she's on her way out, TMZ Sports is reporting.

A report by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer sparked hysteria -- with some jumping to the conclusion she's ending her pro wrestling career after 1 year with Vince McMahon's company. 

And why? Meltzer's report says there's a "very good chance" she could wrap up with WWE after Wrestlemania in April so she can focus on starting a family with husband, Travis Browne. 

But, what people are skipping over ... Meltzer also reports she will "probably remain affiliated with the company" after Wrestlemania.

ProWrestlingSheet added more clarity ... describing the situation as a planned "break" -- but it's not set in stone. 

Multiple sources connected to Ronda tell TMZ Sports she's "super happy" in her new career and isn't ready to pull the plug just yet.

What we also know ... Ronda is serious about starting a family soon -- and she's been vocal about it for months. In fact, back in May 2018 she said the plan was to get pregnant "someday soon." So, babies have been on her brain. 

Also, a WWE spokesperson tells us, "Ronda Rousey is under contract with WWE until April 10, 2021. Whether she wants to start a family is a private matter."

Bottom line ... even if she does step away, don't count her out for good.

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