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Thursday, August 2, 2018

@MixMastaB Interviews @TheMFPW SuperStar @CamdenRoyalty on @MMBRadio LISTEN NOW!! #MMBMFPW

I had the honor of speaking with the current MFPW SuperSonic Champion, Royal Money on the MMB Radio Podcast. On this podcast you will hear his story from his early upbringing to his journey through the famous Monster Factory training school and what he still wants to accomplish as a pro wrestler.

There are moments in this podcast that got really deep and I learned things about Royal Money that I had not already known. I encourage everyone to take a listen and hopefully take something away from this podcast as I believe it can show that no obstacle is ever too large to overcome if you are determined to shine.

Be sure to follow Royal Money on Twitter @CamdenRoyalty.

For more information about the Monster Factory log onto

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