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Sunday, June 10, 2018

WWE Commentator Goes On Twitter Rant After CM Punk Lost #MMBWWE

It seems WWE commentator Corey Graves has some deep personal feelings towards UFC fighter and former WWE Superstar CM Punk but not in a good way. After CM Punk's lost at UFC 225 his second fight and second lost, Corey took to twitter with some messages that seem to be directed towards the straight edge superstar.

Corey has not mentioned CM Punk by name but Twitterville has been reading between the lines and have started to comment back to Corey which in return seems to have him just tweeting more about Punk. Corey even goes as far as to mention Vince McMahon and Triple H saying it's nothing towards them this is "real life". Not sure what the entire backstory is but it seems to have struck a nerve with Corey to go on a rant. No reply from CM Punk as of yet. Below are some of the tweets to the minute.

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