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Friday, February 9, 2018

Impact Wrestling World Title Rematch Set For Next Week #MMBImpact

A Main Event World Championship match has been officially made and announced for next week. It happened during the Press Scrum of Austin Aries that took place immediately following Aries winning the World Title. While answering questions from the press, Aries was interrupted by former Champion Eli Drake and the fireworks started to fly!

Eli Drake felt the title was stolen from him and he wants his chance at being vindicated. Eli Drake wants his chance to win his title back. While this image is burned into the mind of Eli Drake, he can reverse what took place on the night Austin Aries returned to IMPACT.

Can Austin Aries continue as the “belt collector” a name he has been calling himself as of late as Aries has been traveling all over the world winning Championship gold. The other piece of news that came out of that Press Scrum, and perhaps what should be the lead story, is that Austin Aries is a Free Agent. Aries stated that he has not signed a contract or a longterm deal with IMPACT Wrestling. Aries is our World Champion and a Free Agent. Something that has never happened before and perhaps has IMPACT executives on edge. What would happen if Aries put the title on the line in another promotion and lost? What then? As we all know, IMPACT stars compete all over the world on a regular basis and Aries, as a Free Agent, can go where ever he wants! He can compete where he wants, when he wants and if he wants to put his title on the line, he has that ability.

So it is safe to say that what Austin Aries is doing is unprecedented. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” is out to prove a point and Aries defends his title for the first time next Thursday night on IMPACT against Eli Drake, but next Thursday night is a long way away, anything and we mean anything can happen between now and next week.

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