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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Twitter Expands Character Count To Accommodate Longer Tweets #MMBPop

That should make our new way of getting political information much easier.... 

Personally, I've been waiting for the capability to edit a tweet when I make a typo or tag the wrong account, but of course, this is a great consolation prize.

Twitter has decided to extend its character count, which if you are not a regular Twitter user, you may not feel the need to have over 140 characters. But for those of us who decide to express ourselves little more in tweets, Twitter has expanded the count to 280.

Twitter also notes that other countries have it easier than the English language due to different characters, so this is a chance to make it equal across the board.

Sadly, it's not available to everyone as of yet, as they are still pilot testing.

For those of you who feel they need to express themselves this much - if you are an iPhone user, you can obtain a tweeting program called Stormcrow, which will number your tweets as you express them and run out of space, but it does cost in the App Store.

Until then we just will have to live with shorter tweets.

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